Air-Conditioning Servicing- Elite Auto Centres

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Elite offers air-conditioning servicing.

Your cars air-conditioning is an important part of your vehicle that is not usually covered by routine servicing.

Our air-conditioning service includes:
* System pressure test
* Injection of a UV dye to detect smaller leaks
* The renewal of the refrigerant gas (subject to your vehicle passing the pressure test)
* The injection of new lubricant (subject to your vehicle passing the pressure test)
* A free visual only inspection should the gas leak within a 3 month period of your re-gas to detect the source of the leak

Please note:
* This price is for R134A gas only. If you are unsure please contact us.
* This service is for Petrol or Diesel cars only. Hybrid vehicles cannot be completed.
* If your air-conditioning system is not working prior to the re-gas please contact a member of our team. An air-conditioning re-gas is not guaranteed to return your air-conditioning to a working status if there are faults within the vehicles system. There are a large number of components in your air-conditioning system that are not touched during the re-gas.
* If the air-conditioning machine detects a fault and is unable to re-gas your system, the charge will be reduced to £30. This is for the Oxygen Free Nitrogen test, the technicians labour and cost of the slot.

Our full air-conditioning service costs only £40!